Solar Battery Storage System: Is it worth the investment?

2017-12-19 20:13:39

In sunny days, household rooftop solar panel is considered to be the best way to produce some of your own power and potentially reduce your electrical bill. Due to advancement in technology and price reductions, a 5kW solar panel with battery storage makes it possible to store the sun’s energy and use it at night or in cloudy/rainy days when there is less possibility of getting sunlight.

But, as more and more solar panel competitors enter the market, which home battery storage system is best for you?

Home Battery Storage

The basic concept is quite simple. Solar panels can produce free electricity for a large upfront cost, but it won’t work at night. On the other hand, off-peak power is much cheaper, but the generated power is available only in the middle of the night.

A normal household in Australia basically uses the most power in the morning and evening, which does not completely line up too well with an off-peak hour or solar.

In the recent times, some electricity providers have moved towards day metering system where peak times like morning and evening are charged at higher cost.

That’s where 5kW battery storage allows homes to store some of the cheap off-peak power or solar power which can be further used at other time like in nights or rainy/cloudy days. Undoubtedly, with the right setup and situation, using and storing the solar power is cheaper than buying the expensive solar panels during peak times.

Basics of Battery Technology

We all know that electricity is measured and billed in kWh (kilowatt hours), which means the how many kilowatts used in an hour. Just take an example – your energy bill will give kWh figures – it may be for daily use or over the billing period.

Appliance ratings may differ – typically using ratings in watts. Let’s suppose a 2000W heater uses 2 kW per hour, thus 2 hours of use in a day will add 4kWh to your electricity bill. Other home appliances like fridge, TV often comes with a sticker on it that depicts expected power use over a year, given in kWh. Normally battery storage capacities are also rated in kWh.

Type of Battery

Thanks to the emerging electric car industry that has led to cost reduction and rapid improvements in Lithium-ion batteries. These types of battery are available at a lowest price but often lose capacity over time and catch fire or explode.

Another type of battery technology is known as Flow Batteries which commonly uses a pumped liquid in order to chemically store the solar energy. Flow batteries are expensive and don’t last for long, but have better storage capacity with safe, extreme temperature handling and refurbishment characteristics

Sodium Nickel Chloride batteries are quite rare and expensive. This battery has a lower lifespan but capable of handling temperature extremes, are easily recyclable and have a low fire risk.

Last but not the least, most battery storage systems use Lead Acid battery technology due to its lower cost. But the batteries are bulky and heavy, have limited time span, easily get affected by temperature and can be a fire risk.  

The Conclusion

Overall, solar home battery storage is one of the best choices you will make as its technology is well worth the investment in as a whole. In our personal opinion, economically it’s a no-brainer investment for most households in Australia. It means, there are loads of non-economic benefits such as changing usage habits that make a home battery storage tech worthwhile.

We suggest you calculate the numbers for your precise situation and start from there. Those who are interested, a large 5kW solar system can be a better investment that can easily add a battery storage module in the future when there is a reduction in prices.

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